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Bridge Care

With our sale covering our full range* of classical instruments we thought we’d make our #WednesdayWisdom about caring for your bridge.

31 - bridge careIt doesn’t matter whether you play a Violin, Viola, Cello, or Double bass the position and care of the bridge is important to the tonal quality of your playing.

If your instrument is shipped frequently between gigs, or even just put into the hold, it is common practice to remove the bridge.  If you are not confident about repositioning it, or don’t have an instrument tech on hand to do it for you, use a small piece of masking tape to mark where the feet are placed; ensuring the pieces are small enough to remain unobtusive once the bridge is back in place.

Leaving the strings fully, or over, tightened can lead to the top of the bridge warping (bending); particularly with the more delicate bridges on violins and violas.  It might seem a pain but we recommend you loosen the strings slightly before returning the instrument to its case or leaving it on its stand for any length of time.

Our final tip is the most expensive :-O and involves the purchase of graphite.  It’s worth investing in a good quality 2B or preferably a 4B pencil – really expensive, eh?  Rub a little graphite in the grooves of your bridge and it will help keep the strings running smoothly as you tune your instrument.

*Excludes Catherwood, Dupont, Miller, Sanchis Carpio, and Sanchis Lopez instruments

Sale ends soon

Reminder: It’s the final week of our Not Going Back To School Yet sale as we are ending it just as pupils will be… you guessed it… going back to school.

This will be your last opportunity to bag a bargain for quite some time as we don’t run offers very often; and we’re certainly not like DFS where you only have to wait a couple of weeks for another sale to come along.

In fact our current offer of 30% off our improver instruments means this Ebay buyer could have got a brand new instrument for less than this second hand one :-O

30 - Orpheus Valley

Call, e-mail, message us on Facebook, or use the contact form here to arrange to try before you buy.

Bank Holiday Opening

There’s just over a week left in our sale and, with this weekend being a Bank Holiday, we’re opening by appointment for the entire weekend.

Contact us in advance to book your appointment and take advantage of the great sale prices on our quality traditionally hand crafted European-made instruments that are perfect for improvers and beyond.

Alternatively, use the time to try any of the instruments in our showroom; from our fabulous flamenco made by 3rd generation Spanish luthier to the crisp Catherwoods, or try the beautiful blonde BeBop by Dupont with the iconic Stimer amp.

Whatever you want to try we’ll be there for you; just give us a call, drop us an e-mail, or message us here.

26 - bank holiday opening