Monthly Archives: June 2016

Ancient Guitar

23 - ancinet Portuguese guitarToday’s #ThrowbackThursday  instrument may well be the oldest full-sized guitar in the world.

The Portuguese guitar is believed to have been made by Belchior Diaz around 1590.  There are a number of notable features; it has 10 strings rather than the six or twelve we are used to today and the frets are tied ligatures as seen on ancient lutes.  The strings are tightened by backward facing pegs, still seen in some flamenco guitars today and, although the instrument has been restored, the parchment rosette is thought to be the original one.  The multi-ribbed back and neck are ebony and inlaid with ivory with the top being made from spruce that has been finely decorated with ebony.

Optimising postage

With Father’s Day recently gone we received a lot of kind compliments about our giftware range but one comment resonated with us; the price of postage, especially when it comes to our smaller items.

Unfortunately, Royal Mail postage is what it is and there is nothing we are able to do about it. Our #WednesdayWisdom for today is therefore to try to combine occasions – buy birthday and Christmas presents, gifts for music teachers, exam and graduation gifts together; keeping them safe until the right date costs nothing. Alternatively, get together with other friends or family for a single occasion and minimise postage that way. You’ll be amazed at how many individual gifts we can safely pack into a single box 😀

22 - postage and packagingOf course, if you want to avoid postage all together you can always call in to The Old Dairy in person. Although, if you’re not local, the fuel cost is likely to outweigh the postage 🙁

Make Music Day

Today is #MakeMusicDay

We find it hard to imagine that there is any culture where music doesn’t play a vital role. The benefits of music for people are intangible, but more and more are being proven. Music opens up new worlds for people. It can be used to tell stories, to inspire, or simply to help people relax.

On Make Music Day we would love people from all over the world to celebrate the incredible power of music.

21 - make music dayWe can think of no better way to celebrate this day than to make your own music and we’ve heard some amazing music played on our instruments over the years.  If you have children don’t think they’re ever too young to start; and even if they haven’t started an instrument yet they will love something as simple as banging on pots and pans and singing.

The great thing about music is that it’s for everyone so enjoy today and make some music!