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RIP Ronnie Corbett

Although not a musician, Ronnie Corbett included musical sketches in every show when performing with his comedy partner, the late great Ronnie Barker.

Most of us will remember them fondly from Saturday night television in the days when Saturday night family entertainment was just that.

“The chap with the cello’s a terrible fellow and frequently mellow on liquor and drinks, He bothers the fiddles with juvenile riddles and beats the trombonist at tiddlywinks,”

This line still makes us chuckle and we hope you enjoy this clip in tribute to Ronnie Corbett who died today and has reunited The Two Ronnies.

Birthday Tributes

31 - birthdayMost people in the music world will be aware that today is the anniversary of J.S.Bach’s birthday.  Many will also know that Bach shares his birthday (but not birth date) with Haydn.  But this is far too obvious for us 😉

These two legendary composers share their birthday with several others; Johann Schultz, Otto Lindblad, Red Norvo, Arthur Rubenstein, Kristian Blak, and Dennis Kamakahi.  What’s more that list does not include all the song writers who were also born this day {gasps}

Our advice to parents reading this with a child born this day is to invest in some lessons in composition.  They may not grow up to be another Bach but they could become a well known composer or song-writer.


Picked, packed, and posted

earth-pickups-A4 copyWe’ve caught up with all the orders that came in over Easter and sadly found that we had to let a couple of people down for the time being as, due to a surprising run on Banjo pickups (and a certain type of Guitar), we’re now out of stock on a few items.

That said, thanks to our good friends at Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups we’ll be restocked in a couple of weeks.  We’ll let you know when we’re back in stock.

In the meantime, we recommend you call us if you need a Banjo or Guitar pickup as we may be able to recommend an alternative or, failing that, give you a precise eta.