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Wednesday Wisdom – Instrument Care

Our last #WednesdayWisdom of 2015 is a reminder to take care of your instruments if you are taking them with you over the Christmas period.

Remember the cold and damp can affect the wood and, if at all possible, we strongly recommend you don’t leave any instrument in your vehicle overnight. As a rule of thumb if it’s not comfortable for you in the car it’s not good for your instrument.

23 - instrument carIf you cannot avoid leaving your instrument in the car make sure it is in a good quality case and, especially at this time of year, wrap the case in blankets. Just don’t carry them like the picture :-O

Music in Schools

We need your help to protect the creative arts in schools.

We are sure you will have heard about the Government’s plans to introduce a narrow secondary school curriculum at the expense of creative subjects such as music, dance, drama, art, and design.

22 - BACC for the futureThis proposal is far more serious than the challenge faced by the sector last time when the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) was proposed as simply a league table.

What is being proposed? The Government is planning to make the EBacc a ‘headline measure’ for school accountability and for it to be given ‘a more prominent role’ in Ofsted inspections. The consultation was launched on Tuesday the 3rd of November 2015 and closes on Friday 29 January 2016.

All but compulsory? The intention is for ‘at least 90% of students’ to be entered into the EBacc subjects, with only a small number of schools exempt. This would make studying this small, select range of subjects all but compulsory for most children and young people in England.

How many GCSEs do you need to study to achieve the EBacc? To count towards the EBacc measure, children must study a minimum of seven GCSEs; English literature and English language, maths, double or triple science, a modern &/or ancient language, history &/or geography.  Some students could be compelled to study up to ten GCSEs. This would leave little, if any, room for other subjects like art & design, dance, design & technology, drama and – most importantly from our perspective – music.

At a meeting in Parliament last week it was made clear to us that we still need to strive to get this message across and we are, once again, asking for your help in making this possible.

We are asking that you do just one thing at this stage… Tell your friends.  Let all your friends, relatives, and contacts know about the Government’s proposals.  It doesn’t matter whether you use word of mouth, email, or social media as long as we spread the message.  

We hope you are able to join us and the other 150-ish organisations and c.21,000 people supporting this campaign and we will continue to keep you informed of the progress. You can sign up here.

Last Post

15 - last postToday is the last posting date for orders sent by Royal Mail 1st class signed for service to arrive in time for Christmas.  Any orders received after 4pm today will either have to be sent by Special Delivery, at extra cost, or collected in person.

The Old Dairy will be open up to, and including, Christmas Eve and out of hours by appointment.  As with previous years, we have a free holding service on any purchase.  You can contact us here to arrange an appointment.