Monthly Archives: November 2015

Cello Workshop

For those of you local to us, or within striking distance of Cambridge, you may be interested in a Cello workshop in December.

25 - Lowri BlakeThe workshop is being held with internationally renown cellist Lowri Blake. Blake is not only a renown cellist but is also a teacher and director of cellos at Belle Serre. We are sure you’ll love joining Blake in an emsemble session for all participants.

The workshop is being held at St. Matthew’s Primary School on December 12th from 10am-5pm.

Please email Michael at to register for the event and be sure to tell them your approximate level of experience so that they can send level appropriate music that you can practise in advance of the day.

One Month to Christmas

Did you know there’s just one month left until Christmas….? :O

24 - 1 month to ChristmasWith Black Friday looming we’ve been asked about our Black Friday deals.  We are not an American company and, rather than keep prices inflated just to offer you a big discount on one day of the year, we prefer to offer good value on quality instruments and accessories year round.

We will be offering our popular free holding service once again for those wishing to buy instruments as Christmas presents as we know things like guitars are a little difficult to hide. We will publish details of our Christmas opening hours and last collection date nearer the time.

We’ve already posted the Royal Mail last day for posting, see our blog post from November 17th for details.  Unfortunately, we have already sold out of our Heart of Clefs pendant but one of the joys of dealing with UK suppliers is that we won’t have to wait weeks for new stock to arrive by sea from the Far East.  If you’re getting organised early, and looking for music-related Christmas presents, check out our giftware here.  We’ve got everything from £4 stocking fillers to practical household items to jewellery for him and her.