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Cyber Monday

30 - cyber mondayToday we have another American import… Cyber Monday.  A day on which mass online shopping is meant to take place. We heard warnings, on the radio earlier, about the dangers of shopping online with the usual “if it looks too good to be true, it usually is” mantra as well as warning people about giving out card details to unsecured sites.

We thought we’d use the opportunity to reassure you that our webshop has the secure World Pay system underpinning it and has more guarantees, as far as your money and details go, than you can shake a stick at.  Plus, when you buy from us you know where your items have been made and, in the case of intruments, by whom. It was not for nothing that we were awarded one of the first Trusted Music Store statuses by the Music Industry Association.  Why not check out our main site whilst you’re here and see what we’re talking about…

Come In – We’re Open

06 - we're openTo help you with your Christmas shopping for those hard to buy for musicians we’re opening The Old Dairy today between 11am and 5pm.

With everything from pocket money stocking fillers to our last few statement sculptures, together with homeware and jewellery for him and her, we think we’ve got something to suit even the most difficult to buy for.

Our giftware sits within the same ethos with which we select our instruments.  It differs in one main respect in that almost everything comes from the UK (around 90% of it) with the remainder coming from western Europe.  The other difference is that most of our giftware is manufactured, although we do have some hand-made jewellery.  As with our instruments, we also only deal with people whom we’ve met and know personally.  As such, we are aware that it is a little more expensive than similar items mass produced in the Far East but we hope that people agree with us that it is preferable to pay a little more to support makers here in the UK rather than see everything disappear off shore.

If you can’t get to us, or simply prefer to browse online, just click the link here.

Black Friday

We’ve had several enquiries about our Black Friday sale. We’re sorry to disappoint you but, as we are not an American company, we prefer to offer you great value year round rather than have inflated prices so as to give you a huge discount on one day of the year.  We even passed the forex discount on our newest Duponts to you, the customer, instead of taking it for ourselves; not the best idea from a business perspective but it was the right thing to do from an ethical perspective.

27 - black friday webThat said, we do have a fantastic deal for you today in which everything is absolutely FREE!!!!

Perhaps if more people switched to this we would live in a more content world…