Monthly Archives: July 2015

Reminder – The Old Dairy is closed to visitors

As our senior partners have headed down to Cognac to meet with our luthier, Maurice Dupont, The Old Dairy will be closed to visitors other than by pre-arranged appointment.

27 - open - closedHowever, we’d like to reassure you that webshop, phone, and e-mail orders will be processed as usual.

Plus, when they return we’ll be back to fully stocked on our Dupont collection including the Volante, Busato Royale, MD50s, Stimer Amps, and more…  Watch this space next week for more details

Stimer pickups

22 - stimer pickupOur #TuesdayTrivia piece yesterday about the Stimer Amps reminded us about some of the problems customers have reported to us about the Stimer pickups.  So we thought we’d follow up with a #WednesdayWisdom piece on them.

The first is that they don’t clip onto the instrument properly.  Sadly this is almost always due to the fact the the instrument in question is not a Selmer, Maccaferri, or Dupont for which the pickup is specifically designed and therefore guaranteed to fit.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this when it is not one of these marques.  You can try bending the clips but should you break or damage them in the process we cannot replace or refund the pickup.  If, however, you have an original Selmer, Maccaferri, or Dupont instrument that the pickup won’t clip onto please contact us and we will talk you through the installation and sort out a replacement pickup for you if the pickup is at fault.

The second is that it doesn’t sound right.  If you have purchased a genuine Stimer pickup from us we will have explained precisely how to fit it to get the best sound and, if there is still a problem that is due to a fault we will, of course, replace it free of charge.  Caveat emptor – these are expensive pickups and we know there are cheap copies out there which we cannot guarantee will work in the same way.

Finally, we occasionally get comments that the pickup has inexplicably started slipping.  This is usually caused by the frequent removal and reinstallation of the pickup.  Our recommendation is to put it on and leave it there or, at the very least, minimise the number of times you take it off and on.