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Composers Galore

28 - composersWe’ve hit one of those days in the year that is simply stuffed to the gunnels with people of a certain type; in this case composers*.  So, rather than single out any single one, we’ve decided to name all of them.  Whether or not you believe in the power of horoscopes and astrology, it might be worth getting your child music and composition lessons if their birthday is today.

1819 – Thomas Dunn English
1870 – Joseph Carl Breil
1881 – Curt Sachs
1893 – Aarre Merikanto
1908 – Leroy Anderson
1911 – Bernard Herrmann
1912 – José Pablo Moncayo
1914 – Rafael Kubelík
1923 – Chou Wen-chung
1924 – Ezra Laderman
1925 – Hale Smith
1940 – Vyacheslav Artyomov
1950 – Don Moen
1953 – Don Dokken
1957 – Robert Forster
1971 – Matthew Good
1978 – Nicole Scherzinger
1981 – Nino
1983 – Aundrea Fimbres
1986 – Edward Maya
1987 – Ana Free

*We have included song writers with the composers

RIP Chris Squire

Although Prog Rock is not a genre with which we usually associate, we could not let the death of Yes bassist Chris Squire pass without comment.

29 - chris spireChris Squire, the highly respected bass player best known for his work with Yes, has died aged 67. Squire had been undergoing treatment for cancer in his hometown of Phoenix after being diagnosed with a form of acute myeloid leukaemia.

Squire was born in London in 1948, was a founding member of Yes, and is the only musician to have played on every one of the band’s albums. The band’s forthcoming summer tour with Toto will be the first time the band had ever performed live without him.