Mandolin - M-06 Mandolin Pickup

Schatten Design is an innovative Canadian company that specialises in original handmade acoustic pickups.  The company has a tailored pickup solution for acoustic and classical guitar, banjo, resonator, mandolin, violin, piano, bouzouki, folk instruments and everything in between. Schatten pickups are used by performers, luthiers, and manufacturers all around the world.

M-06 Pickup for adjustable bridge Mandolins

The M-06 series of mandolin pickups features a compact stick-on piezo unit that attaches to virtually any adjustable mandolin bridge (including the ‘Original’ Brekke type). Fixed bridge mandolins should use the BM series.

The M-06 sensor is small and light in weight. Measuring only 1/4" high, 1/8" thick, and 1 1/2" in length it does not affect the acoustic sound of the instrument and will work on all 'normal' adjustable mandolin bridges. It will also operate properly on an Original Brekke bridge as well.

The M-06 Pro jack assembly clamps easily to the side of the mandolin and will fit instruments from 1 5/8” to 2 7/16” thick (41.3mm to 62mm). 

The M-06 Neo is the latest release in the M-06 Series of mandolin pickups for adjustable bridged instruments that features an entirely new type of jack assembly. The M-06 Neo allows you add a pickup system to your mandolin without having to change your bridge or make any invasive changes to your instrument. The new Neo-Jack assembly assembly attaches to the instrument using the same two screws and screw holes through the instrument's Gibson style tailpiece. Note: it is not designed to fit on other types of tailpieces.

The M-06 is available in two models:
M-06 Neo: with Neo Jack assembly
M-06 Pro: with CJAplus volume control jack assembly 

The M-06 series pickups are designed to operate properly and sound terrific without the use of a preamp when plugged into any 'normal' amp (guitar amp, bass amp, etc.). If you require the added ability to be able to plug directly into a P.A. or mixer then you may wish to add one of the Mini-Pre belt-clip preamps to your pickup system.

Sandarac Ltd. is the registered distributor for Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups in the UK and Ireland. Trade enquiries welcome. Please contact us for details.

Items are sent by Royal Mail first class signed for service by default.  For alternative options please contact us.

Price: £146.00


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