Kremona String Instruments

Each instrument is graded according to the quality of the materials and components used to build them. Tone woods are sourced from local forests, carefully selected for each grade of instrument, and naturally seasoned for up to ten years.

All instruments are hand finished to rigorous quality control standards. Once approved by the Chief Luthier each individual instrument is awarded a certificate of approval and an identity label is signed and attached to the inside of the instrument before being released for shipment.

Entry level instruments are made from good quality maple with little flame and alpine spruce that has a relatively wide and even grain. They have plain ebony trim with gloss varnish in a plain or wash finish. Ebony chinrest, fingerboard and tailpiece, Aubert bridge, and Dominant strings come as standard.

Intermediate level instruments have some flame in the back and ribs. Fronts are selected from alpine spruce that has been seasoned for three years along with close grain ebony trim, fingerboard, chin- rest, and tailpiece. A choice of colours, in plain or wash finish, in matt or gloss spirit varnish with Aubert bridge and Dominant strings make this an ideal instrument for those studying up to grade 8.

The Advanced level instruments use materials that have been seasoned for over three years. The maple is nicely flamed and the spruce has a close and very even grain. All of the ebony used is of a high grade with selected tuning pegs. A choice of colours, in plain or wash finish, in matt or gloss spirit varnish, a quality Aubert bridge and Dominant strings make this a beautiful orchestral instrument.

Professional level instruments use the finest selected tone woods that have been seasoned in excess of ten years. Highly flamed maple and close grain spruce make for a beautiful looking as well as a fantastic sounding instrument. Single piece backs and the best quality ebony throughout. With a choice of colours and finishes as described above this instrument is a work of art.

Kremona Range

Intermediate Level
  Kremona Cello VC4
Double Basses
  Kremona Double Bass DB4
Professional Level
  Kremona Viola V1
Advanced Level
  Kremona Viola V2
Intermediate Level
  Kremona Viola V3
Entry Level
  Kremona Viola V4
Intermediate Level
  Kremona Violin1716 VP3
Advanced Level
  Kremona Violin 1716 VP2
Entry Level
  Kremona Violin1716 VP4