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High Quality Collagen Hydrolosate Based Food Supplement

Put the Spring back in your playing
Spring is a high quality collagen hydrolysate-based food supplement that stimulates the body to repair and maintain cartilage and other connective tissue.Spring enables anyone suffering from cartilage degradation, joint-related sports injuries or flexibility problems to regain mobility and enjoy an improved quality of life.  Ideal for both amateur and professional musicians, sports people, Osteoarthritis sufferers (up to and including OA4) or simply those wanting to slow the natural aging process.  Musicians, even young fit ones, can benefit from Spring as it allows them to practice for longer and recover quicker by keeping joints healthy, strong and supple.

Enhancing a natural process...
Unlike conventional gelatine or collagen-based supplements, Spring contains a unique "twisted molecule" formulation that prevents it from being broken down quickly and flushed away meaning more collagen hydrolosate is absorbed by the body to help trigger the body's own natural rebuilding response for soft tissue such as cartilage.

Spring stimulates natural cell growth in joint cartilage

Clinically proven...
Spring has undergone many clinical trials on thousands of subjects ranging from osteoarthritis sufferers to varsity athletes.  Click here for a closer look at the science.

  • Spring is supplied in a powder form that easily dissolves in water. It is not affected by heat and is stable if you want to mix it in hot drinks, soup, porridge or similar.
  • Dosage is one 10 gram scoop per day for treatment purposes or one 5 gram scoop per day as a maintenance dose.  More is not better as the body simply washes out what it does not need.
  • Effects are usually noticed over an 8 to 12 week period depending on age and metabolism.
  • Spring is derived from natural bovine tissue so is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.  No side effects have ever been recorded and it is not on any restricted list for competing athletes.  Two week wash out period.
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Price: £54.95

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