Harp - CH-1 Small Celtic Harp Pickup

Schatten Design is an innovative Canadian company that specialises in original handmade acoustic pickups.  The company has a tailored pickup solution for acoustic and classical guitar, banjo, resonator, mandolin, violin, piano, bouzouki, folk instruments and everything in between. Schatten pickups are used by performers, luthiers, and manufacturers all around the world.

CH-1 Small Celtic Harp Pickup

The new CH-1 is designed for use on smaller bodied Celtic harps having 28 strings or less.  It provides a very simple solution to the problem of quickly and easily adding a pickup to a harp. The pickup sensor simply sticks to the soundboard next to the string strip, while the output jack assembly has a clip on its' back that allows it to easily clip to the edge of any sound port of the back of the harp. To keep everything neat and tidy, up to 18 inches of the lead wire from the pickup sensor to the output jack stores right inside the jack assembly box. For greater flexibilty, the CH-1 can easily be moved from one harp to another - so one pickup can be used on more than one harp.
The CH-1 is a passive pickup. It will work properly going straight into most normal electric guitar or bass amplifiers. If you are going to go directly into a P.A. system, a preamp such as the Mini Pre acoustic preamp will be needed. This will allow you to use this pickup to its full potential no matter what you are plugging into - any type of amp or any PA system.

The CH-1 pickup system comes complete and ready to install. Installation of the pickup sensor is quite simple. The pickup sensor is designed to be installed approximately one-third of the way up from the bass end of the soundboard. The transducer unit attaches to the soundboard with the special putty supplied. The putty provides a solid and secure mounting for the pickup but still allows for quick and easy removal of the system.  Total installation time is normally a couple of minutes at the most. It's that easy.

Sandarac Ltd. is the registered distributor for Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups in the UK and Ireland. Trade enquiries welcome. Please contact us for details.

Items are sent by Royal Mail first class signed for service by default.  For alternative options please contact us.

Price: £99.00


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