Gypsy Swing Guitar - HFNS Gypsy Swing Selmer Maccaferri Guitar Pickup

Schatten Design is an innovative Canadian company that specialises in original handmade acoustic pickups.  The company has a tailored pickup solution for acoustic and classical guitar, banjo, resonator, mandolin, violin, piano, bouzouki, folk instruments and everything in between. Schatten pickups are used by performers, luthiers, and manufacturers all around the world.

Schatten HFN-S2 Series Pickups for Selmer / Maccaferri Gypsy Swing Guitars

The only thing missing from the HFN-S2 in a Selmer is the 'quack' that everyone has come to expect and accept in acoustic pickups. Along with being simple to install, the HFN-S2's have excellent feedback rejection and good string to string balance.   The HFN-S2 models give you a sound that is much more realistic and acoustic than any pickup on a Selmer that you have ever heard before. More realism in attack, more realism in overall response, these pickups actually allow your instrument to sound just as good plugged in as it does unplugged.

The HFN-S series for Gypsy Swing guitars is available in three basic model ranges: 
The HFN-S2 (passive) which does not come with a preamp, 
The HFN-S2 Active which comes with a single channel endpin jack preamp,
and the HFN-S2 Artist which comes with a two channel endpin jack preamp that can be run on phantom power.

Both Active variants are also available with volume control. Check the Option Chart below for the right model for your needs.

Sandarac Ltd. is the registered distributor for Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups in the UK and Ireland. Trade enquiries welcome. Please contact us for details.

Items are sent by Royal Mail first class signed for service by default.  For alternative options please contact us.

Price: £124.00


Here's a flow chart to help you determine which model of HFN-S2 best suits your needs


The HFN-S2 is designed to give you a full, rich sound and will reproduce exactly what your guitar sounds like. These pickups utilise an elegant combination of materials: rosewood for its main structure and arching, with a light weight brass shell for its noise shielded piezo unit. Total weight of the pickup is a very light 0.2 ounces (7 grams). It will not affect the acoustic sound of the instrument when not in use.

The HFN-S2 will fit virtually all Selmer/Maccaferri instruments with standard Selmer style bracing. Installation is quick and simple and takes about 20 to 40  minutes depending upon pickup model. All HFN-S2's come fully wired, complete and ready to install. The Active and Artist models also include a self adhesive velcro mount cordura nylon battery bag. Neat and tidy.

Video: S2 Installation Video

The HFN-S2 Compatability

The S-2 series of pickups is compatible with virtually all Selmer style instruments. While we were at it, we made the installation of the pickup quick and easy (even in the petite bouche). The pickup mounts on the two large transverse braces that form the main structure of the bridge box. 

The pickup is held securely in place with our special mounting putty. This mounting is quick and very secure. The pickup may be removed easily however, at any time should you want to move it to a different instrument.



The S-2 series will fit virtually all Selmer style instruments on the market. The standard Selmer bracing has the 2 main transverse  braces set at 1.9" apart, center to center and the bracing thickness averaging between 0.300" to 0.350". The new HFN-S2 models were designed to fit this set of standard design parameters.

The HFN-S2 is not designed to fit  Favino style instruments when those instruments use a Favino brace spacing that puts the 2 main transverse braces 2.9" apart, center to center.

The HFN-S2 is not designed to fit  MM series from Aria. The 2 main transverse braces on these instruments is approximately 2.56" apart.

Tool Kit available for installing HFN-S2's into petite bouche instruments:

A 2-piece tool kit is available for installing the pickup into instruments having the smaller sound holes (petite bouche). Larger sound hole and D shaped sound hole instruments do not need the tool kit as the opening in these instruments is easily large enough to get one's hand in.

The tool kit consists of one tool that is angled and articulated to allow you to install the pickup through the sound hole and a second tool that enables you to pull the endpin jack or endpin jack preamp into place through the end block.


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