Double Basses - Volante Portable Touring Bass

Maurice Dupont Range

The Volante's main advantage is that it reproduces the natural sound of a traditional upright bass but in a compact, portable, option making it very easy to travel with.  When unfolded the Volante looks very like a traditional upright bass. When played it provides the same support points to the player.  A simple mechanism adjusts the string height. Assembly and disassembly operations are quick (under 4 minutes) and easy thanks to the patented neck joint and collapsible soundboard.

The Volante takes up far less space than a traditional upright bass due to its folding soundboard wings and to a neck joint that allows the neck and pegbox to fold down to 45”x12”x12” making it easy to carry by car, plane or even on foot. It weighs less than 11kg. For safety and security when travelling by air an SKB flightcase is included. Cased the total weight is approximately 19kg

Please Note: If out of stock there is an average of three months build time on all new orders. Left hand and 5 string options available to order.  All enquiries, please contact us or call 01787 463039 .

 Mike Arnopol from the Patricia Barber Quartet on the Volante Bass:

"We do a substantial amount of touring around the world. I've stopped travelling with a double bass as it is becoming nearly impossible, and my basses have incurred too much damage. I've played every EUB out there and travelled with an Alter Ego for two years. Until I was in Paris and a friend suggested that I try a new bass named Volante. This isn't meant as a plug, but this is BY FAR the best out there. It fully disassembles and fits in a hard shell golf club case. It is the only EUB where the drummers (and me) felt that the walking sound and feel were the equal of my good bass. It really is fabulous in sound and feel. Oh and the action height is adjustable immediately with an allen wrench--the neck pivots and is removable."

View the Volante in action with the Patricia Barber Quartet!

Price: £4350.00

This product is currently out of stock - check back soon or contact us for more information.
Maurice Dupont, the maker of the innovative Volante double bass shows just how straightforward it is to set up and be ready to play.
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