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International Strange Music Day

International Strange Music Day was created by Patrick Grant​, a New York City musician, and celebrated annually on August 24th. The premise is simple: to get people to play and listen to types of music they have never experienced before. The ‘strange’ part can mean either unfamiliar or bizarre – the choice is entirely yours. Grant believes broadening people’s musical spectrums can also change the way we look at other aspects of life – his mantra is ‘listening without prejudice’. This growing movement has concerts, a record label, and strong support from summer schools; where it is appreciated as a great way to stimulate young minds.

24 - strange music dayHave you ever wanted to combine a tight Wonder Woman costume, a frozen turkey drumstick and an inflatable wildebeest into a percussion concert? International Strange Music Day gives you the perfect excuse. What you do with these items once the music stops, of course, is your business… 😉