We Pay the VAT Offer – ends soon

Doesn’t time fly by?  It doesn’t seem that long ago that we launched our We Pay the VAT offer and yet here we are with less than two weeks left to run on it.

If you’re tempted to wait until our offer that will run during the Rugby World Cup​ we feel it only appropriate to warn you that the money off will be based on the number of matches won and, therefore, whilst it has the potential to deliver great savings you may get none at all.  Furthermore it will only apply to certain in stock instruments related to the participating teams rather than the entire classical range* that we’re including VAT free currently.  It’s more a bit of fun than a sale

25 - ends soonRemember the We Pay the VAT offer will end on September 4th and, unlike a DFS sale, there won’t be another one like it for quite some time