Monthly Archives: May 2019


As we’ve a Bank Holiday Weekend ahead we thought we’d resurrect a fun competition we’ve done before.

We’d like you to create your very own album and send us your pics. We’ll send a gift to the one that gets the most ‘likes’ on our Facebook page (add your entry to the comments on the post there).

Here’s how it works: head to Wikipedia and click on Random Article – this is the name of your group.

Then head to and select random quote. The last few words of the last quote is the album title.

Finally, use any image search engine of your choice and enter ‘random picture’ into the search box and select the picture the same number of moves (in any direction but no doubling back) as your album title.

Use any software of your choice to put the three together et voila! You have your album. We’ve done one to get you started: On its own merits by Shercock

Enjoy the fun and the Bank Holiday and we look forward to seeing yours!

24 - album