Bow frogs

Do you know why the frog of a bow is so called?

If you know then you’re in a better position than us as nobody really knows why. There are, however, many theories about the origins of the term Frog.

The strongest contender is that, in German, the bottom of a horse’s hoof is called the “frosch.” The “frog” of a horse hoof is a small area toward the rear of the hoof that acts as a shock absorber. Since a bow’s frog is located at the bottom of the bow and also acts a shock absorber, this may be the reason for its name.

That said, there are some who believe that the frog looks somewhat like the profile of a frog…

Another opinion comes from the last name of the modern day frog inventor, Helmut Gorf. Gorf spelled backwards is Frog.

The final theory links back with the first in that the Frog is also called the Heel, thereby presenting a strong case for the German word origin – Frosch = Frog.


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