- Spring/Summer  2014 -

May 18th - North West Guitar Show, Haydock Park
June 22nd - Scottish Guitar Show, Shawlands Park Hotel, Ayr Road, Lanarkshire
Other events to be confirmed

Views and Articles

Find out more about some of our most popular instruments on our views and articles page.  Here you will find views, reviews and articles featuring some of our fantastic instruments.

New prices on Schatten Design Pickups

Here at Sandarac we understand that times are tough so we have been working with the Schatten Company in Canada to ensure that we can bring you their pickups at the best prices. Furthermore, we have also been working with our European counterparts to ensure that you will pay the same price across the whole of Europe (allowing for exchange rates and local taxes). See our news page for more infomation.

Schatten Design is Canada’s leading manufacturer of pickups for acoustic instruments. Schatten Design offer a wide range of pickups including products specially designed for steel and nylon strung guitars, resonators, Selmer Maccaferri guitars, archtops, banjos, bouzoukis, mandolins, mandolas, ukeleles, harps, autoharps, dulcimers, violins, violas, cellos and basses. In fact, Schatten probably have a pickup solution for almost any acoustic instrument in the market today. (find out more)

Instruments on Aircraft

We do not normally post petitions but this one is particularly dear to us.It is about about musicians 
traveling on airlines with their instruments. We hear many first hand tales ofwoe and, at The Old Dairy,
have experienced problems personally. These problems are precisely what led Maurice Dupont to
develop the Volante Double Bass (which packs away into a golf-caddy sized flight bag).

Please take a couple of minutes to follow the link and sign this petition and feel free to share with your friends. Who knows, if enough of us sign, we could make a difference!  Thank you.


Selecting the Best from the Craftsmen of Europe

The Dupont range of guitars, basses, amplifiers and pickups have proven to be popular despite the current recession proving that quality will always count.  The Auditorium flat tops and the B4E acoustic bass have both received excellent reviews in Guitarist and Bass Guitar magazine respectively.

The Be-Bop Jazz Archtop (pictured right) was reviewed in Guitar and Bass Magazine.  Whilst that particular guitar is no longer with us we have a Be-Bop together its sister model, the Belleville, available to view at The Old Dairy or at the Guitar Shows listed in our Diary and Events.

The unique, collapsible, Volante bass again from the Dupont studios is continuing to create a stir. This fantastic double bass, built with the touring musician in mind: can be seen on tour with The Jools Holland Orchestra and Mario Carrillo respectively. The bass combines excellent playability and a great sound with the peace of mind provided by the instrument’s golf bag sized flight case. The 5-string and left handed versions have proven particularly popular.

The French made Volante bass now sits in the Old Dairy showroom alongside its more traditional double bass cousins and the rest of the Kremona bowed instrument range in the Sandarac portfolio. Handcrafted in the Orpheus Valley these traditionally made violins, violas, cellos and basses continue to represent excellent value for money for improvers and professionals alike.